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From CVS

MozStreamer is not currently setup to use the GNU Autoconf tools. So installation does require a few more steps then just your typical config, make, and make install. But despite that I will try and provide step by step instructions that will get you up and running quickly rather then sitting there cursing me.

Once you have retrieved the source from cvs what you need to do is edit the Makefile so that it knows where your version of Mozilla is installed. You do have Mozilla installed right? If not click here.

The lines you need to edit in the Makefile are 60 and 61. They should look like this:


What you need to do is make MOZZY point to wherever you have your Mozilla installed, and MOZZYDEV point to wherever you have the header files for Mozilla

Once you have done this the process becomes much easier:
[root@localhost] make
[root@localhost] make install

This will build the plug-in and copy it to the proper directory under Mozilla.

The last piece of the puzzle is to run MOZZY/regxpcom where MOZZY is the path to your Mozilla installation.

Now that all of this is done you should be able to launch Mozilla and hit the MozStreamer test page.

From RPM

I have added an RPM for MozStreamer to make installation easier. It can be downloaded here.

To install simply download and as root type:

[root@localhost] rpm -I mozstreamer-0.1.9-oe1.i386.rpm

Now you should be able to hit the MozStreamer test page.

If you need any help getting setup just post your questions to the mailing list.

The mozstreamer project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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